New wave programmer.

Internet culture aficionado.

Your biggest fan. (yes! you!)

The hair color pictured here is not necessarily indicative of my hair color at present.

The hair color pictured here is not necessarily indicative of my hair color at present.


Steven Bower

Hi there! I'm Steven Bower, a recent graduate of the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Computer Science. I currently work for Perfect Sense in Reston, VA, doing full stack web development.

I am, first and foremost, a creature of the internet age. When I'm not making websites, I am engrossed in them, staying ever hip to the trends and goings-on of this endless media superhighway.

After learning how to code from TI-83+ graphing calculator manuals, I slowly moved up the programming ladder from making text-based games in elementary school to Java applications in high school. During my secondary schooling years, I gained an appreciation for the power of the internet, and gradually refined my programming interests to focus on website development.

In college, I was particularly fond of expanding my webdev skillset, exploring data science and visualization, PHP and JavaScript development, as well as human-computer interaction to learn about what makes websites work well. My sophomore year College Park Scholars Program capstone resulted in the creation of a web tool used by UMD's Computer Science department to help recognize exceptional teaching by professors and TAs. In addition to exploring computer science in the classroom, I also took several courses in Journalism, Music, and English.

Outside of college classes and assignments, I enjoyed putting my programming skills to use at hackathons; most notably, some friends and I won first place at HackMIT! I also worked several jobs and internships in the realms of IT support, HCI, and webdev to keep my noggin sharp for solving any and all kinds of computer problems.

Now out of school, I hope to continue honing my skills in creating internet-friendly content. Currently, this means tackling new challenges by helping develop Brightspot, a CMS that aims to help companies and media platforms easily create and organize online content. I am truly excited to help make web content more accessible for users in an ever more technology-reliant digital age.

In my free time, I like playing video games (especially Pokemon and Overwatch), listening to music (my favorite bands are Paramore, Hey Rosetta!, and CHVRCHES), and consuming a wide variety of content from various internet creators (particularly the McElroy family's series of podcasts, Polygon.com videos, and whatever the latest Tumblr trend is). When I'm not sitting in front of a screen, I enjoy going to concerts, watching musical theatre, collecting Pokemon cards, and trying out my knack for songwriting.

Above all else, I want to be a source of good in the world, and am eager to use my skills in technology and creative thinking to help bring happiness to people near and far.