Pokemon Emerald 100%

My favorite video game of all time is Pokemon Emerald. I wanted to play through the game again, but not be limited by some features of the game that are reliant on other players (e.g. trade evolutions, version exclusives) or on functionality that may not be available in emulators (e.g. time-based events). So, I created a version of the game that alleviates these issues.

Pokemon Emerald 100% ensures that you can complete the Pokedex in a single player campaign, even if you don’t have access to another copy of the game. This is possible through a mod that replaces trade evolutions with item-based evolutions (available for purchase in the Sootopolis Pokemart). Plus, I made it so that native Hoenn Pokemon that are ordinarily only obtainable in Ruby or Sapphire version, as well as all the starters, are now found in the wild. Wild encounters in the Safari Zone, Abandoned Ship, Desert Underpass, Altering Cave, and Artisan Cave have also been updated to contain Pokemon not native to the Hoenn region. This way, you can maintain a playthrough of the game with traditional Hoenn Pokemon, while still being able to finish your Pokedex in postgame areas.

Additionally, to help with the completion of side quests, such as the Battle Frontier and Pokemon Contests, TMs and Berries are now made infinitely purchasable at the Battle Frontier, and Move Tutors can now teach moves as many times as you’d like. Furthermore, for those who want to deck out their Secret Base, rare decoration items previously sold only during random clearance sales (or not available in Western releases) are now available for purchase in the Lilycove Department Store.

And just for fun, I make an appearance as a Trainer you can battle in the Cove Lily Hotel after you beat the Elite Four. :)

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